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Bill Atkins, a patent and trial attorney with the Mclean, Virginia office of Pillsbury Winthrop LLP, created and maintains this website. To send a link or comment, click here:   


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U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office
    1. USPTO Patent Database (searchable)
    2. USPTO - Board Of Patent Appeals And Interferences Decisions
    3. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Decisions
    4. USPTO Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP), 7th ed.
    5. U.S. Patent Laws (35 U.S.C.) and Rules (37 C.F.R.)
    6. Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (USPTO)
    7. Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (Bitlaw)
    8. Trademark Goods and Services Classification Index
  •   United States Patent Law
  •   United States Trademark Law
  •   Index to Manual of Classification of Patents
    1. How to Order the Latest MPEP
    2. PTO Examination Guidelines for Computer-Related Inventions - Browsable with Flowchart Images!
    3. PTO Examiner Training Materials for Examination Guidelines for Computer-Related Inventions
    4. New Rule Utility and CPA Forms in Word Format (zipped & uuencoded)
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  • Patent & Trademark Law Offices

    1. Australian Legal Information Institute
    2. Australian Patent Office
    3. Canadian Intellectual Property Office
    4. Chinese Patent Office
    5. Croatian Patent Office
    6. Danish Patent Office
    7. European Patent Office
    8. French Patent Office
    9. German Patent Office
    10. Hong Kong Patent Office
    11. International Patent Offices
    12. Japanese Patent Office
    13. Russian Intellectual Property Information
    14. United Kingdom Patent Office
    15. United States Patent and Trademark Office
    16. World Intellectual Property Office
    17. World Trade Organization
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    IP Caselaw Sites, Federal Rules, Cases

    1. United States Supreme Court
    2.      Supreme Court Cases - Cornell
    3.      Supreme Court Cases - FindLaw
    4. USPTO - Board Of Patent Appeals And Interferences Decisions
    5. USPTO - Tademark Trial and Appeal Board Decisions
    6. Federal Courts Homepage
    7.     LJX! All Circuits and Supreme Court
    8.   United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
    9.   Federal Circuit Court of Appeals
    10.      Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Cases - Emory
    11.      Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Cases - Georgetown
    12. International Trade Commission (ITC)
    13.   DC Circuit Court of Appeals Cases
    14.   2nd Circuit Court of Appeals Cases
    15.   3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Cases
    16.   4th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases
    17.   5th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases
    18.   6th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases
    19.   7th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases
    20.   8th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases
    21.   9th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases
    22.   10th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases
    23.   11th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases
    24.      Northern District of Mississippi
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    1. Federal Rules of Evidence
    2. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
    3. United States Patent Law
    4. United States Trademark Law
    5. Rules of Professional Conduct
    6. Patent Cooperation Treaty
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    1.   State Street Bank  - Software Is Patentable
    2.         State Street Bank (D. Mass.) Software Patent Invalid
    3.   O.I. v. Tekmar -Means-Plus-Function, and Step-Plus-Function
    4.   Hilton Davis  (S.Ct.) -  Doctrine of Equivalence and Prosecution History
    5.         Hilton Davis - CAFC finds Doctrine of Equivalents a Matter for Jury
    6.   Cole v. Kimberly Clark - Means-Plus-Function Presumption
    7.   York -  Exception to Means-Plus-Function Presumption
    8.   Greenberg - Means-Plus-Function Presumption Created
    9.   Vitronics - Roadmap for Claim Construction
    10.   Markman (S.Ct.) - Patent Construction is Matter of Law
    11.         Markman - CAFC finds Claim Construction a Matter of Law
    12.     Zygo - Separate Patentability DOE Defense maintained
    13.   Roton Barrier - Separate Patentability Holdings Continued
    14.   National Presto - Accused Infringer's Patent Relevant in DOE
    15.   In re Trovato - (Fed. Cir - In Banc) Panel Decision vacated and Remanded to Board
    16.         In re Trovato - (Fed. Cir.) Software not patentable
    17.   Playboy v. Welles - Meta-tag issues
    18.   Bensusan - No Personal Jurisdiction for Website
    19.   Warnervision - Intent to Use Applications Can't Be Held Up With PI From Later Use
    20.   Qualitex - (S. Ct.) Color can be trademarked
    21.     West - Page numbers are not copyrightable
    22.   Dr. Seuss - Unlike Parody, Satire is Not Protected Fair Use
    23.   Tasini - Publishers Owned Electronic Rights of Freelance Authors
    24.   Bateman (11th Cir.) Software Copyright Infringement
    25.   Borland (1st Cir., aff'd by S.Ct.) Lotus Loses Menu Copyright
      1. Commentary on Lotus v. Borland
      2. DEC, et al., Amicus on Lotus v. Borland
    26.   ProCD v. Zeidenberg (7th Cir.) - Shrinkwrap Licenses are Valid
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  •   ALA v. Pataki (D.N.Y)- State CDA falls under Dormant Commerce Clause
  •   ACLU v. Reno (S.Ct.) - CDA is Unconstitutional by U.S. Supreme Court - 6/26/97 - ACLU v. Reno
    1. ACLU v. Reno (E.D. Pa.) CDA is Unconstitutional - 6/11/96 - Eastern District of Penn. Court's Decision in ACLU v. Reno
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  • Prior Art Search Sites

    1. USPTO Patent Database (searchable)
      1. IBM's patent database - The Womplex (searchable)
      2. Search for U.S. Patents at the Patent and Trademark Office
      3. Search for U.S. Patents through QPAT-U.S.
      4. Search for U.S. Patents through the IBM Patent Server
      5. Search for Foreign Patents through European Patent Office
    2. American Chemical Society
    3. Canadian Intellectual Property Office
    4. Chinese Patent Office
    5. Croatian Patent Office
    6. Danish Patent Office
    7. European Patent Office
    8. French Patent Office
    9. German Patent Office
    10. IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.)
    11. International Patent Offices
    12. Japanese Patent Office
    13. Materials Research Society
    14. United Kingdom Patent Office
    15. European Patent Office Searching Page
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    IP Organizations

    1. ALI-ABA
    2. American Bar Association Home Page
    3.   American Bar Association (ABA)-Section of Intellectual Property Law
    4. American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
    5. Intellectual Property Owners
    6. Australian Industrial Property Organisation
    7. Licensing Executives Society (LES)
    8. Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)
    9. Franklin Pierce Intellectual Property Mall
    10. Richmond Law & Technology Association
    11. Entertainment Law Resource Center
    12. CyberSpace Law Center
    13. The National Collegiate Inventors Alliance
    14. CompLaw - The Computer Law Center of South Florida
    15. CyberSpace Law Institute
    16. Intellectual Property Law Section of the Louisiana Bar Association
    17. Cyber Law Centre
    18. The Intellectual Property Information Mall
    19. Brazilian Intellectual Property Law
    20. The Electronic Frontier Foundation
    21. Global Arbitration Mediation Association (GAMA)
    22. Hieros Gamos
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    1. United States Copyright Law
    2. U.S. Copyright Act
    3. United States Copyright Office
    4. Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency
    5. Contributory Copyright Infringement Liability for Internet Service Providers
    6. Copyright Protection for Your Software
    7. Comparing Patent and Copyright Protection for Software
    8. Copyright for Computer Authors
    9. Excellent GSU Student Papers on Internet Law
    10. Copyright Crash Course
    11. The Copyright Website
    12. Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)
    13. What Does the Future Hold for Copyright and Scholarly Publishing?
    14. ASCAP
    15. Copyright & Fair Use from Stanford University
    16. Terry Carroll's Copyright FAQ
    17. Washington State University Copyright Information
    18. SPA's Anti-Piracy Hot Spot
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    Trademark Sites

  • Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (USPTO)
  • Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (Bitlaw)
  • Goods and Services Classification Index
  • United States Trademark Law
  • U.S. Lanham Act (Trademark)
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure (TBMP)
  • NSI's Indemnification Agreement
  • International Trademark Association
  • Articles
    1. Hyperlinks, Frames and Meta-tags: An Intellectual Property Analysis
    2. Hidden Identifiers In Websites: Meta-tags and Intellectual Property
    3. What's All the Hype About Hyperlinking?
    4. Complaint
    5. Domain Protect - $799 Tunisian TM Registration Service from Bazerman & Drangel
    6. NSI Domain Name Dispute Policy Statement
    7. Carl Oppedahl's Comments on New Policy
    8. GGMARK - All About Trademarks
    9. Get on Your Marks! by James M. Jordan III
    10. What's In a Name?
    11. NSI Domain Name Dispute Policy Puts Owners at Significant Risk
    12. Trademark Wars Page
    13. Roadrunner Computer Systems, Inc. v. NSI
    14. DCI v. DCI and NSI
    15. Giacalone v. NSI et al.
    16. MarkWatch - Comprehensive Internet Marketing Services
    17. Comparative Review of Domain Dispute Resolution Policies
    18. ™ Web
    19. Draft Specifications for Administration and Management of gTLDs
    20. Image Online Design v. IANA - ".web" complaint
    21. The Link Controversy Page
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  • Legislative Links

    1. United States White House
    2. U.S. House Of Representatives - Home Page
      1. U.S. House Intellectual Property Library
      2. U.S. House Computers & The Law Library
      3. U.S. House of Representatives Law Library
    3. U.S. Senate - Home Page
    4. The Federal Web Locator
    5. FedWorld Information Network
    6. Thomas - Legislative Information on the Internet
      1. "Patent" Bills in U.S. Congress
      2. "Copyright" Bills in U.S. Congress
      3. "Trademark" Bills in U.S. Congress
      4. "Technology" Bills in U.S. Congress
      5. "Telecommunication" Bills in U.S. Congress
    7. Patent Cooperation Treaty
    8. GATT 1994
    9. Governmetn Printing Office - Access on the Web
    10. Substantive Law on the Web
    11. US Law Search by Peter Faris QC
    12. VersusLaw
    13. State Legislative Database Search
    14. Net Lizard for Law - Legal Research Database
    15. Summary of Electronic Commerce and Digital Signature Legislation
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    IP Publications

    1. Journal of Technology Law and Policy
    2. Intellectual Property - The Magazine of Law and Policy for High Technology
    3. Berkeley Technology Law Journal - U. of Ca. at Berkeley
    4. Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
    5. Richmond Journal of Law and Technology
    6. Michigan Telecom & Technology Law Review
    7. The New York Law Publishing Company Online Catalog
    8. U of Texas IP Journal
    9. LegaLink Technology Law Newsletter
    10. US IP Booklets on-line by Professor Thomas G. Field, Jr.
    11. Law Practice and Technology Association (UGA Law School)
    12. Legal Care for Your Software
    13. Lawtomation's Internet Law Quarterly
    14. Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal
    15. The Journal of Online Law
    16. Boston University School of Law Journal of Science & Technology Law
    17. Computer Law Review and Technology Journal - State Bar of Texas Computer Section
    18. The Internet Lawyer
    19. Journal of On-Line Law
    20. Net Watchers - A Cyberlaw Magazine
    21. CyberLaw (tm) & CyberLex (tm)
    22. Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
    23. Florida State University Law Review
    24. Jurist - Law Professors on the Web
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    FAQs, Articles, Stories, and Other IP links


    1. Answers to Patent, Copyright, Trademark Questions

    2. WWW Intellectual Property Law Resources

    3. Trade Secrets Home Page

    4. Intellectual Property Information from Japan

    5. International Legal Protection for Software

    6. Multimedia Product Dev.: Clearing Rights

    7. Patent FAQ

    8. Invention Master Resource List

    9. The Inventor's Desktop Companion

    10. The Patent Outline

    11. WWW Multimedia Law

    12. Ladas & Parry Guide to U.S. Protection for Computer Software

    13. Ladas & Parry Guide to Protection for Computer Software in Europe and Japan

    14. Patent Protection For Your Software

    15. Guide to Proposed Law on Software Transactions UCC 2B - Licenses

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    1. Floodgates Open for Patent Cases, from CNET

    2. As Software Patents Take Over, Expertise Is Key, National Law Journal

    3. Patents for Software-Related Inventions, Multimedia and Technology Licensing Law Report, 04/97

    4. Patents for Software-Related Inventions, College Text - 03/95

    5. The Future of Software Patents

    6. Summary of In re Alappat by the law firm that argued the case on appeal

    7. Computer Program Patentability Update by Curtis L. Harrington

    8. Software-Related Inventions Held Patentable by Andrew R. Basile

    9. Software Patent Institute

    10. The "Palsgraffing" of Patent Law: Foreseeability and the Doctrine of Equivalents

    11. New Tech Should Be Assigned to One Party

    12. Step Plus Function Can Result in Narrow Claims

    13. What Does "Means" Mean?

    14. A New Defense to Patent Infringement?

    15. Means-Plus-Function Claiming: Detailed Analysis of Recent Developments and New Considerations

    16. Federal Circuit Revises "Equivalents" Principle

    17. Doing Business on the Internet: Protection of Intellectual Property by Bradley A. Slutsky

    18. Personal Jurisdiction on the Internet: Where is Cyberspace?

    19. A Forum on Legal Aspects of Business on the Internet

    20. What We Talk About When We Talk About Universal Service

    21. Promoting Progress: The Supreme Court's Duty of Care

    22. Regulation of Internet Content and Communications

    23. Jurisdiction Over Commerce On The Internet

    24. Computers and Law

    25. Internet Jurisdictional Questions - Slovenia

    26. Summary of Electronic Commerce and Digital Signature Legislation

    27. The Seamless Website - Law & Legal Resources

    28. Internet Training Guide for Law

    29. Web Journal of Current Legal Issues

    30. Business and the Law

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    Support Companies

    1. Atlas Trademark Search

    2. Trademark Center - Comprehensive Trademark Searching

    3. Patent Resources Group - Irving Kayton's Group

    4. Derwent Scientific & Patent Information

    5. MicroPatent

    6. Oppedahl & Larson Patent Law Information Server

    7. Internet Patent News Service Mailing List Archive

    8. STO Patent Search System

    9. SmartPatents

    10. SBH - Patent Management Group

    11. Patent Searches - Brian L. Longest

    12. Animators at Law

    13. Peter's Patent Page

    14. VRN Patent Pages

    15. Dialog Searching Service

    16. Sound Works Audio Restoration for Audio Evidence

    17. Dockery Associates Electronic Litigation Support

    18. Data Discovery Computer Forensics

    19. CLE International

    20. Hill & Associates - Creative Conflict Management and Resolution

    21. Computermart - Data Processing Services

    22. Executive Technologies SearchExpress software

    23. Legal Computer Solutions, Inc.

    24. Corporate Investigative Services

    25. Doyle Reporting, Inc. - Court Reporting Worldwide

    26. Conley-Hodge Litigation Support Service

    27. LawSight, Inc. - Legal Software Development and Consulting

    28. Italo Consulting - Strategic Planning, Practice Management and Business Development for Atorneys

    29. A-Z Investigative Services

    30. Glasser Legal Works

    31. Quickform Contracts - Invisible Hand Software

    32. EscrowTech, Software Escrows and IP Protection Services

    33. The Expert Pages

    34. Lunar Law Links

    35. Law Employment Center

    36. Harbor Consulting Intellectual Property Resources

    37. The Hook - Innovation Marketing Firm

    38. Corporate Intelligence

    39. Artech Illustration Group

    40. Fort Knox Escrow Services, Inc.

    41. Institute for Patent Studies, Inc. - Patent Bar Prep School

    42. Thomson & Thomson

    43. Law Journal EXTRA!

    44. Counsel Connect LawLinks

    45. West Publishing Company

    46. West's Legal Directory

    47. The Mining Company

    48. VCILP - The Legal Web

    49. Legal Computer Solutions, Inc.

    50. Legal Communications, Ltd.

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    1. The Absolute Best Reference Desk

    2. Law News Network

    3. The Intellectual Property Reference Library

    4. The 'Lectric Law Library

    5. The Legal List

    6. The Cyberlaw Encyclopedia

    7. Growth Company Guide

    8. Martindale-Hubbell

    9. Law Practice Management - Tech Update

    10. LawLinks - The Internet Legal Resource Center

    11. The Practicing Attorney's Home Page

    12. Law.Net - A New Resource of Law for Users

    13. Internet Tools for Attorneys

    14. German Virtual Law Library

    15. The LawMall(TM)

    16. Canadian Legal Resources

    17. FindLaw: Your Source to Law on the Internet

    18. LawInfo - Source for Attorneys & Legal Resources

    19. CataLaw - Metaindex of Law & Government

    20. King & Spalding Internet Legal Resources for Attorneys

    21. International Law and Trade Links

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    1. Patent Law In The Scientists/Engineers Career & Future

    2. Global IP Estimator for Patents and Trademarks

    3. Wacky Patent of the Month

    4. Intellectual Property Creator's Web Site

    5. InventNet - The Inventors Network

    6. Sample WWW Site Development Agreement

    7. Sample WWW Site RFP

    8. TechWeb - The Technology Information Source

    9. U.S. Postal Service - Check ZIP Codes

    10. Employment Center

    11. Legal Links

    12. Law Street

    13. MasterSite Research Page

    14. Resource Center

    15. FirmConnections

    16. - Intellectual Property Newsgroup

    17. - Legal Computing Newsgroup

    18. - General Legal Newsgroup

    19. Deja News

    20. EINET - Intellectual Property (Law)

    21. Work Permits for High Tech Professionals

    22. International Entertainment & Multimedia Law & Business Network (tm)

    23. Bruce Bertram's IP Home Page

    24. Inventor World

    25. NetBack - Internet-Based Online Backup and Registration Service

    26. Intellectual Property Law Server

    27. The Software & Technology Law Home Page

    28. BitLaw

    29. BNA's Electronic Policy & Law Report

    30. HIIP Policy Gateway - Harvard Information Infrastructure Project

    31. Computalaw - Computer Contracts & Online Advice

    32. Law School Admission Council Online - LSAT

    33. The Federalist Society

    34. The Inspiromedia Group

    35. PGP Encryption

    36. Lawyers Cooperative Publishing

    37. Law Technology

    38. Barristers' Chambers ODW 14th floor - Australia

    39. Judicial Electronic Document and Data Interchange

    40. The Legal Pad

    41. LegalServ

    42. World Wide Legal Information Association

    43. The Securities Law Home Page

    44. Marketing Your Law Practice on the Web

    45. Law Online News

    46. Law Journal Seminars

    47. 6 Degrees of Freedom - Patent Licensing Web Page

    48. The Law Office Technology Home Page

    49. State and Local Governments on the Net

    50. Lan-Tech - Technical Support for Law Firms and Businesses

    51. The Young Lawyer's Jungle Book - A Survival Guide

    52. LawChannel

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      State Bar Links

    1. California Bar Association
    2. Colorado Bar Association
    3. Florida Bar
    4.      Florida Bar Computer Law Committee
    5. Georgia Bar
    6.      Atlanta Bar Association
    7.      Georgia Computer Law Section
    8. Indiana State Bar Association
    9. New York State Bar Association
    10.      New York State Trial Lawyers Association
    11. North Carolina Bar Association
    12. Tennessee Bar Association
    13. Washington State Courts & State Library
    14. Wisonsin Bar
    15. Canadian Bar Association
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    Law Schools

    1. Index of Law School Web & Gopher Services
    2. Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
    3. Emory Law School
    4. Florida State University College of Law
    5. Franklin Pierce Law School
    6. Georgia State University College of Law
    7. Indiana University School of Law
    8. Mercer Law School
    9. Ohio State University College of Law
    10. Seattle University School of Law
    11. University of Florida College of Law
    12. University of Georgia Law School
    13. USC Law Center
    14. Washburn University School of Law - WashLaw Web
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    Searching the Web

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